Jeanette Tapley

It’s time for your podcast


A course designed to help you launch your podcast in 6 weeks!

In an era where podcasts are one of the hottest buzzwords in nearly every industry, you might be wondering how to go about starting your own.

Well, my friend, during this 6-week course you’ll go from wondering to recording and launching your very own influential podcast before 2019 is over!


pre-sale launch: 09/19/19


enroll in the course


complete the weekly assignments


Launch your own podcast in 6 weeks



✔️ Do you have the perfect topic for a podcast show but aren’t sure how to get it out into the world?

✔️ Do you see people from your online community starting their own podcast while you sit behind your screen wondering “how are they doing that?

✔️ Do you love to have life-giving conversations that encourage others and believe a podcast would be the perfect way to deliver your message?

✔️ Does your social audience or the people in your life often say you’d be a great podcast host?

✔️ Would a podcast serve as a great way to connect with or get in front of your ideal audience?

✔️ Have you tried to launch a podcast before but felt intimidated by the process?

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✔️ FREE ACCESS to our private community Facebook Group for accountability, networking, celebrating wins and the LAUNCH!

✔️ WEEKLY 30 MIN Q+A in our community Facebook Group to make sure you’re staying on track!

✔️ Access to professional done-for-you media kit templates to promote your podcast

✔️ How to pitch yourself to other podcasts: plug-and-play style templates for yourself and potential guests!



As a business owner I knew I didn't have time to deal with figuring out what registrations I needed and all the logistics involved with launching a podcast. All I wanted to do was record and Jeanette made that possible for me! She made the whole process easy and I've gotten so many compliments on how professional my episodes sound.

— Kristin Kembell
Create Your Own Destiny Podcast


When my team began feeling led towards starting a podcast we were inspired in our vision but completely uneducated on the process of getting started. Jeanette walked us through the entire process, gave us amazing advice and set our whole team up for success. She is a genuine friend and cheerleader on top of being so knowledgeable about her work. We are so thankful to have had her guidance throughout this process and forever consider her apart of The Purpose Sisterhood family!

The Purpose Sisterhood Podcast


Amazing review coming soon from Ashley!





I’m so glad that you’re here!

I’m your teacher, and friend, Jeanette, and I am honored to be walking through these next 6 weeks with you as we prep and prepare to launch your very own podcast!

I have helped launch and produce 20 shows in the past year while also being hard at work on my own show for just about 2 years now. With that being said, I’ve learned the hard way WHAT TO DO when it comes to launching and producing your first podcast and, more importantly, what NOT TO DO. 

So, I guarantee that if you show up, do each week’s homework and implement the knowledge I’m giving you, we will be celebrating the launch of YOUR podcast in just 6 short weeks.


Start + end date . . .

The course begins on Monday, September 30th and ends on Friday, October 8th - aka your podcast's launch date 🎉

What if I don't have any podcast experience? . . .

This course was designed specifically for you! No previous experience required, just a willingness to apply yourself, do the work and have fun!

Will the course be available to purchase even after the sale/start date? . . .

Yes! I want to make this knowledge available to everyone at all times. However, if you do purchase after the initial start date period (09/30) this will be a DIY experience. You'll have access to ALL course materials except the private community FB Group due to the nature of the program. Basically, if you're a self-starter, this is perfect for you!

What can I expect to get from this course? . . .

You can expect to have your very own podcast PLUS 2 READY TO GO episodes ready to air in 6 weeks! Along with that you'll have access to professional done-for-you media kit templates to promote your podcast as well as templates that will allow you to confidently pitch yourself to other podcasts.

Can I go at my own pace? . . .

Absolutely. It is not at all required for you to go at the 6 week pace, but it is HIGHLY recommended as there will be tons of support via our private Facebook community that will help you launch on time!

What if I miss a Facebook Live? . . .

Not a problem! You can always go back and catch the replay.

How do I access this course? . . .

This program will be provided to you on a professional, user-friendly learning platform called Teachable. You will receive an email upon purchase with a link to create and log in to your account. From there you will have access to all the program videos and training materials for life.

What is your refund policy? . . .

Due to the digital nature of the program, there is no refund available. Please make sure to read through the course details thoroughly, and feel free to email any questions or concerns you have before purchasing the program to:

does it include the equipment needed? . . .

Any equipment required to start you podcast (microphone, pop filter, etc) IS NOT included and you will be responsible for any outside purchases that your podcast needs.

Can I share this course with a friend? . . .

Each purchase is good for one person. Please consider that I put a lot of my heart, time, and energy into creating this program for you. Teachable makes all users and member logins, so I kindly advise against it 💗

how long do i have to access the course material? . . .

Indefinitely! Once you purchase this course you'll have lifetime access to it through Teachable.