Lets be Friends

I am teased on a regular basis for saying, "My best friend...." Almost always referring to different people. How many best friends can one person have? I don't know. I don't make the rules!!

I just love my friends. I have my top 5 Besties, you know the ones that have seen the worst of the worst for sure, but then obviously my celebrity list, we are friends they just don't know me...yet.

I love meeting new people and making new friends. I love reading other's blogs, listening to podcasts and scrolling through their Instagram feed and feeling like I know someone or that I am sure we would make the best of friends. I feel like social media has helped us make new friends in so many ways. I know that when we were in the process of our adoption I read so many blogs and spoke about those people like I absolutely knew them, I mean..we had SO MUCH in common, like adopting, being moms and I'm sure other stuff. My point is these people, thanks to blogs, insta and Facebook ,became real to me and I love it!

I love making new friends and thats why I'm here...Blogging. Please don't see me as desperate as I may look. But see my heart. Are you lonely? Lets be friends!!

Here's some thing you should know about me...

First off...HI! I'm Jeanette. I was raised in Alaska but now live in Texas. I was raised in church first ones there last ones out. I've been married for 12 years. I have 3 kids. I love Jesus. I love reading and writing and if I could have a career in both I would dive in whole heartedly. I love working out and I love watching TV. I love a good slice (or 2) of pizza, and nothing makes my heart happier than a nice warm cup of coffee or a nap, I think those are tied. (I mean other than my family obviously).