Election Day 

Today is Election Day. I am not a political person, like really I have my thought and opinions but really that's just what they are. My thoughts. My opinions. This year is crazy. Bananas. I feel like our nation is just hurting and hating, but we can't heal because we are too busy injuring. Today when I voted I got a bit weepy. If I'm being honest I cry a lot so it's not a huge deal for me to cry, but I was thinking..."Man, what an honor." My boys were born in America and they were born with a voice. I hope they use it well, I hope they lead well and speak well. My daughter. My girl was not born with a voice. She was born in a foreign country where her people are fighting. Literally fighting to be heard. Her home country is ruled by a man who doesn't hear his people. But now this sweet little immigrant gets a voice, her voice. She will one day use it, and she will change the world. To vote is my honor. Today it wasn't easy. But it was my honor to vote and let me teensy voice be heard. 

 We are all world changers. You just have to use your voice. But please be kind.