With a Heavy Heart

My heart breaks this week as we have seen some very well known people succumb to suicide. I don’t know their hearts, their struggles, their families or ANYTHING about them. Yet my heart breaks. They say suicide rates are up. We are in a world where we are “connected” all the time. Yet are often so alone.

We see highlight reels and think everyone is happy or ok and we take that for an answer. Or at least a good enough answer.

But sometimes, maybe most of the time, that’s not real life.

Sometimes we need to ask more. Dig deeper. Stop expecting those who are hurting to reach out to you. We must reach out. We must do more.

The desire of my heart is to bridge this gap. Not to fix you, but to be there for you. To be your friend. To be there in those times when you feel alone. To point you to help, professional and spiritual.

Friend, you are loved. You are needed, treasured, precious, and so loved!

Please don’t try to do this thing alone.