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Jamie this awesome woman of God. She is a preacher, teacher, minster, mom, wife and friend to just about everyone who meets her. She is sweet, sassy and sarcastic and just a stinking hoot to be around.

In the past two years Jamie has launched a book RICH FOR GOOD and then started a new ministry NO STRINGS ATTACHED. In this ministry her and her team go into the strip clubs in Tulsa Oklahoma to meet, make friends and share the gospel with strippers. Not to shame and condemn them but to actively show the women, bouncers, bar tenders and really anyone who will talk to them the love of Christ. It is not always easy or pretty but I am so excited by the work they are doing.

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Jamie LOVES Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning

She totally recommends Rachel Hollis' book Girl Wash Your Face

& you can buy Jamie's book Rich For Good on Amazon


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