IT'S TIME FOR COFFEE-3 Selfie - Amanda Shook

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Amanda Shook is a real life friend of mine. She lives in our shared hometown of Kenai Alaska and is just the sweetest. I know that I say that about every guest I have on, but they are all my friends and I don't think I'd have friends that weren't super sweet! ANYWAYS! Amanda is one of the first people I knew that started a "side hustle".  I am so excited for you guys to hear how she started her Etsy shop, how it transitioned and what came of it. I think one thing I love the most about this episode is that Amanda didn't just stay where she was, or with what she was doing. She shifted and she needed to. She stepped back when she wasn't feeling her healthiest and she looked for an alternative path. I know that's something I get stuck in...I started here and now I can never change!

I hope that you enjoy this conversation with Amanda, it really was just two friends sitting down and catching up on life.

ALSO, if you have any questions regarding oils, Young Living or anything along those lines I know that Amanda would be SO happy to help you!! You can send her a Message on Instagram or head to her website!



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Think Dirty App is the app that tells you what Toxins are in our products and why they are bad for us.

Amanda along with every other person in the world is obsessed with THE GREATEST SHOWMAN and the soundtrack if you haven't seen or heard this yet. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO WATCH THE MOVIE RIGHT NOW!!! You will not be disappointed. In fact you will be mad at yourself that it took you so long to see such an AMAZING piece of art!

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