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Y'all I am SO excited to introduce you to Stephanie if you haven't already met her online. She is seriously the sweetest and if felt like sitting down with an old friend. Stephanie has an amazing story that is all written down in her book, Lipstick Gospel. I love the work that Stephanie does from guiding women into new and deep friendship, to helping women make the most of their single lives.

I think my favorite part of this time with Stephanie is that she wants to help others have a deep and real relationship with God but her goal is to help you meet God right where you are, not like He a scary principal but to have conversations with Him, like He is your best friend.

I got to ask her for some advice for my dear babysitter who is headed off on an adventure around the world called WORLD RACE and I love what Stephanie said. "Be like  play dough." Don't be afraid of change! Embrace the differences! I just loved that and I know that we could all grow from that!

I just hope you love Stephanie as much as I do. I just adore her and her heart for friendship, and not just mediocre friendship but true and lasting friendship. She says, "Friendship is not something to be looked over but something to approach with intentionality!"

OKAY....So in this episode I TOTALLY missed spoke...Can anyone tell me what I said incorrectly?! The First person who tells me what I said wrong will win a free KOOZIE!!!

Here is a list of Stephanie's Books:

Lipstick Gospel

Lipstick Gospel Devotional & Prayer Journal

Girlfriends Guide to Great Friendship

Stephanie's Singleness course: MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR SINGLE LIFE

Stephanie's Podcast: Girls Night Podcast


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