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Creator and Founder of Because I'm His Diana Carter is here to talk about life in ministry, navigating a hard season and learning to find her identity in Christ alone.

Diana's heart is so fun and full of life. I have loved getting to know her and every conversation we have leaves me feeling so much joy.  Her book DON'T JUST DEAL is so great and I love that she just saw a need and sat down to meet it. She is definitely the kind of girl that seeks the Lord in each step and walks with SO MUCH Faith!

While seeking healing from her anxiety and panic disorder she sought what the Bible said about WHO SHE WAS, and WHO GOD WAS and in that she created a ministry to help others walk in their indentity. Diana is passionate about helping others, building community and her sweet husband. 

I am already signed up for NO FRILLS JESUS and would LOVE it if y'all signed up with me! It'll be so much fun and build accountability if we do this together!!



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