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I am SO excited to introduce y'all to my sweet friend Jessica Gaertner. She is a wife, mom, blogger, podcaster, photographer and friend to so many! Jessica is a natural connector and learner. I feel like she is always learning something new and adding SO much value to her friends lives. Her passions lie in keeping people healthy from the inside out. Good clean dnd delicious food, beauty and skin products that don't have harsh chemicals, and creating community in a time where loneliness is rampant.

Jessica is so great about sharing her struggles in a really authentic way. I love that she talks about all REAL life things, how some days are just meh and how getting to the gym is so great and working out is so nice, but sometimes its just a struggle to get there.

As a full time working mom with her passion projects on the side Jess is just a woman I look up to so much. I love her heart for others and hope that you enjoy her wisdom!

  Go follow Jess on Instagram or go look at her website and learn so much more about her  @ HOLD THE SPACE WELLNESS

Her podcast MODERN MAMAS PODCAST is such a great source of health, wellness and friendship!

If you are interested in what Jessica was saying about beauty products be sure to check BEAUTY COUNTER. And feel free to ask her anything, I am sure she'd be happy to help!

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