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Listen to this weeks BONUS Episode here!

I am so SO excited that James and Kaylee Wilson are back on the podcast to catch us up with their lives! 

James and Kaylee we on episode 2 that came out in April, we talked all about their adoption journey and how they were living in Ghana awaiting their daughters VISA that would allow them to enter the US. After 590 days of living in Ghana (6 months of that was Kaylee alone in a village with their sweet daughter Wella....That whole story is in the first episode). 

This couple owns Level Grounds Xpresso where they roast coffee beans and blends from all over the world. So if you are on the hunt for some good coffee head this way!

I am SOOOO excited for their big news and honored that they would ask me to be a part of sharing this big news with the world...Head to the episode and find out what I am talking about!!!

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Jeanette Tapley