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Sabrina is a parenting coach at Peace at Heart Parenting. In todays conversation Sabrina shares her heart for helping parents...parent. She believes  most people need training and help as we learn to stop and take a step back so that we can consciously parent from a place of healing and love!

I asked her so many questions that this conversation turned into a mini counseling session for me! Sabrina is just so wise and I love her focus on Family Values as well as not "fixing" our children but fixing how we react. I know that, that alone will help me SO much in parenting.

Also, when Sabrina opens her next Connection 30 y'all need to JUMP IN IT! It's amazing how 10 minutes a day really can change the connection we have with our kiddos. I know it seems daunting but we all have 10 minutes and our children (AND US) can benefit so much from a closer connection!

Links/ Recommendations

Parent Speakhas quickly become Sabrina's favorite parenting book. She says, "Its super relatable and reminds us that our words have so much power with our kids!"

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