Jenni Lord is a friend that I met through the organization CHOSEN CARES that she founded. We became fast friends while we were in the process of adopting Zoe. She and her family have loved on us in every stage and we are so thankful for them! I love Jenni’s heart for the vulnerable but also her heart for families and the desire to make sure families are whole, healthy and intact.

She started this non-profit CHOSEN over 10 years ago starting as a race (Marathon and Half Marathon) to provide aid to families adoption. I love how Chosen has evolved over the years and while their main focused used to be helping others in the process of adoption now they walk alongside families that are both in process of fostering, adopting and once your family is home doing the hard work of connecting, bonding and becoming a family. You can still run the race for a family but it has become so much more than that!

I also just LOVE that Jenni is from the REAL LIFE Friday Night Lights high school and I cannot believe she never mentioned that to me!

I love friends like Jenni that have so much heart and are giving it all for the Lord! She models this clearly in her work but she is also shining a BEAUTIFUL example of this to her girls and sweet son!



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