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Amanda is married to husband Zach of almost 4 years, puppy Mia and a full time elementary school music teacher! She is a full time entrepreneur as well, and it's no joke! She loves coffee and is highly motivated, get stuff done, but still can be super fun and go-with-the-flow. Amanda started a community of women in Dallas TX called Dallas Girl Gang where over 2,500 women gather on and offline for community-socially or professionally. In her personal brand of Amanda Smith , she started The Fearless Conference last year, a one night of inspiration and encouragement for female entrepreneurs. July 2019 it will be a full fledged weekend conference for over 150 women to gather and learn as much as they can on how to grow and thrive as female entrepreneurs.

I loved chatting with Amanda, we discussed her podcast and conference and the Dallas Girl Gang and her heart behind bringing women together for a great purpose. I love that about her!


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