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Scott Burnett is a follower of Christ, husband, father, adventurer, businesses owner and lover of all thing TECH... in that order. His passion is to become the best husband and dad that he can be and on the side use his tech skills to help OTHER parents protect children from the dangers of the internet. When he is not working on TECH stuff, he loves to coach his sons hockey teams, ride dirt bikes in the California desert and attend retreats at his favorite place on earth, HUME LAKE! His heart belongs to his home state of Alaska, while he currently resides is in Southern California. Someday, he will return back home.

Scott is Jesse’s cousin and a man that both Jesse and I look up to VERY much. He leads his family with so well and with Christ as the center. Today’s conversation is a great one! It’s a conversation I have been scared and excited to have! Keeping out kids safe on the internet is no easy feat but Scott makes it WAY less scary for us today!



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