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Adrienne is aCanadian girl with a southern Soul. Her love languages are food and food. She says, “I love the Lord and do my best to let my life show his love. Im married tonthe best guy, Jesse for 4.5 yrs. We have 2 littles, Lucy Marie & Penelope Faye. I'm a stay at home mama with a passion for community, encouraging women (esp mamas) and helping them find chase the dreams and passions that God has given them. I have a podcast that launched Jan2019 "the more than Mom Podcast" where I chat w ladies about Hot Topics that I know other women would be interested in. I Also have women on to share their stories of stuggle, finding God, chasing their dreams and more. I'm just a simple mama, with nothing super extra special about me but I decided to go after the crazy dream that God put on my heart to help people find him!”

I loved chatting with Adrienne and I am so thankful for her authenticity. She shares her heart in such a REAL way and I just really admire her for that! I know that you will love this conversation and this sweet friend of mine!


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