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Pangshua is the designer and founder of lue + riley, a jewelry company specializing in handmade tassel earrings. She is thoughtful and meticulous about her colorful jewelry pieces. This craft is her art, her gift, and story to help women feel as good as they look. And to top it off, each piece comes with a personalized letter from Pangshua. Her mission is to empower the modern woman to live with confidence. Inspiring her to live out her wildest dreams and to live with the deep conviction that she is worthy. She is treasured. You are guaranteed to find a friend in Pangshua. She is unafraid to dig deep in relationships and to encourage you to be fearless in the pursuit of your God-given dreams. Because you’re worth it.

One of my favorite things about the internet is meeting new friends. I know that doesn’t surprise you at all since I ALWAYS say that. But today’s guest is a friend that I cannot wait to one day meet and squeeze her sweet and talented neck. Pangshua Riley is on the show today and we discuss life on the road, living intentionally and her jewelry line that reminds us to live out our dreams because we are worthy and treasured. I know that this conversation will meet you right where you are at today, so friends grab your cup fill it up with whatever you want and let’s dive in.


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