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Heather Boersma a speaker, author and life coach. She's been speaking to young adults and women for the past 12 years in both Canada and the United States. She recently published her second book called "Letters from a Big Sister" and collaborated with authors like Jamie Ivey, Jess Connolly, Jenna Kutcher and Jessica Honneger. Heather has her BA and B. ED but after a year of full time teaching felt calling into ministry and has been speaking and writing ever since. Heather is married to her best friend Alex who is a risk taking entrepreneur that always keeps her on her toes. They have three kids, Cohen, Claire and Byron and one crazy pup Bailey. Heather is happiest by the ocean even though she is land locked in the Canadian prairies. Going to the lake in the summer is a close second.

I loved meeting Heather and hearing her heart for the younger generation, sisterhood and building others up.


Emotional Agility Susan David

Letter from a Big Sister

Heather’s first book DREAM BIG

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